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Wrinkle Smoothing Serum

Wrinkle Smoothing Serum with HYALURONIC ACID


Anti-Wrinkle Smoothing Serum with HYALURONIC ACID And Peptides – Get Rid Of Wrinkles with Skin Tightening Daily Moisturizer – Dermatologist Anti-Aging Skin Care for Eyes, Face, Forehead – 1 oz



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  • A NON-INVASIVE, ANTI WRINKLE SOLUTION FOR CELEBRITY SKIN! Using a topical wrinkle relaxer can achieve the same benefits as traditional facial injections. The appearance of wrinkles and fine lines can be visibly reduced without painful needles!
  • OUR STATE-OF-THE-ART FORMULA, USING NATURALLY DERIVED INGREDIENTS, uses advanced techniques to increase the skin’s hydration and moisture balance. Containing RENOVAGE, MATRIXYL and SESAFLASH, (details below) for more youthful looking skin.
  • QUICK RESULTS. Customers report results within just 30 minutes as SESAFLASH promotes instant skin tightening. We have used years of research and a unique combination of fast-acting ingredients to develop a formula that rivals similar alternatives.
  • ACHIEVE YOUR BEST YOU! Anaiti’s Instant Wrinkle Smoothing Serum is a deep, penetrating serum that increases your skin’s hydration and moisture balance to improve elasticity and firmness – resulting in more youthful looking skin.
  • RISK FREE SHOPPING: Made in certified facilities in Canada. Cruelty-free, non-toxic and paraben-free, using naturally-derived ingredients. Backed by a No-Questions-Asked Money-Back Guarantee. Buy with confidence as a gift to yourself or for someone you care about.


Important Information

Nature’s aging process often leads to sagging, dull, wrinkled and pigmented skin that is deprived of moisture and elasticity. Anaiti’s Wrinkle Smoothing Serum for Celebrity Skin provides longer-term skin benefits, improving the overall appearance of skin with repeated use. In addition to wrinkles, the aging process can cause uneven skin pigmentation, enlarged pores and a sallow complexion. The active ingredients inhibit this effect, assisting to restor 35 percent of skin firmness in 30 days and reduce pigmentation by 56 percent with six month’s of use and help to cut wrinkle volume and depth nearly 68 percent. Overall, clinical studies show that 100 percent of serum users experienced smoother skin and anti-wrinkle results and 60 percent realized lifted, hydrated and softer skin.

Anaiti develops cutting-edge skincare formulations that promote healthy, vibrant skin. Wrinkle Smoothing Serum uses ground-breaking advances to soften wrinkles, increase elasticity and hydrate skin. The triumvirate powering this anti-wrinkle serum begins with Matrixyl, an innovative peptide that repairs skin and aids collagen growth. Completing this serum’s powerful trio of ingredients is Renovage, revered for its ability to smooth skin tone, promote a firm texture and reduce dark spots to create a fresh, dewy complexion. This new Wrinkle Smoothing Serum for Celebrity Skin is completely paraben-free, cruelty-free and manufactured in Canada at certified facilities.

Wrinkle Smoothing Serum for Celebrity Skin by Anaiti can be used daily for instant and long-term results. Cleanse and dry skin as usual, then lightly apply serum to the face, neck and upper chest. Allow one to two minutes for serum to dry completely before covering with moisturizer, foundation, concealer and/or bronzer. With its visibly tightening effects, users can cleanse skin and reapply serum before special events.

Product Description


-Skin suffering from aging or sun damage? Losing elasticity and youthfulness?


A unique formula of cutting edge ingredients: * HYALURONIC ACID – often known as the ‘Fountain of Youth’, * ARGIRELINE – inhibits muscles that cause expression lines. * MATRIXYL – stimulate the fibroblasts that produce collagen to keep your skin elastic and smooth, and reduces wrinkle depth by 68%



A unique formula of cutting edge ingredients:

– RENOVAGE – shown to lessen pigmentation by 56% after 6 months with skin becoming 35% firmer in 30 days. – MATRIXYL – stimulates collagen-producing fibroblasts to keep your skin smooth and reduces wrinkle depth by 68%.Research has shown that our unique combination of patented ingredients can improve the appearance of damaged, aging skin. Our customers love Anaiti!

** Imagine a younger looking YOU **


We stand by the quality of our Serum. Your happiness and satisfaction are our priority!


Disclaimer:Results may vary. Aging skin has different causes this is why some people will not see results after using ANAITI skin care products. Testimonials and reviews are from real customers who achieved good results, however individual results can vary depending on skin condition, age, life style and other factors.



Wrinkle Smoothing Serum with HYALURONIC ACID - Smoothes Wrinkles, Erases Lines, Moisturizes and Tightens Skin


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Perfect!, December 23, 2014

By kiarna: I’ve tried many serums over the years but this is by fair them most effective serum I’ve tried. I’ve had a few wrinkles starting to appear and I’m just about to turn 33! Since using this serum morning and night for 5 weeks, my lines have considerably reduced in size and with a little make-up, are not even noticeable. I do believe that consistency is the key here and I made sure I used this serum everyday without fail. It’s a great serum that leaves my skin looking radiant and slightly dewy but not at all oily. I would definitely give this serum a go if you’ve just starting to notice wrinkles, earlier the better really. Great product. Delivery was super quick too.

Great success with this product!, September 11, 2014

By JB: I have had great success with this product as well! I am a college professor and I don’t want my students to start seeing me look old. Before using this product my wrinkles were really visible and I was starting to look and feel old. This product contains Sesaflash, (which is typically found in high-end wrinkle creams) to not only reduce the appearance of wrinkles, but to add much needed moisture to my skin! The added moisture makes my skin feel softer and look more youthful. I started seeing results after the first use and I continue to see results after each use. This serum relaxes wrinkles and works instantly but gets better each time it is used.

She was worried that some of the younger women at work were getting assigned the better clients. She doesn’t want to do anything, September 10, 2014

By Dmitry: I read in a magazine that Sesaflash is a new Anti-aging cream for the face that said it could produce instant wrinkle smoothing, giving the user a skin tightening sensation within as little as 30 minutes. First, I cleansed my skin with a gentle allergy-free product. I applied the Sesaflash serum to my skin. When I inspected my face later, I could see that the reason for the change was that my wrinkles looked more relaxed. My girlfriend asked me about a month later what I had done to my skin. I told her about Sesaflash. She laughed and said she wanted to try it. She was worried that some of the younger women at work were getting assigned the better clients. She doesn’t want to do anything extreme like “shoe blacking” her hair, but skin care was something she could get behind. She tried it and, lo and behold! It worked! She looks easily 10 years younger! She has never care for her skin very well, so the difference was even more dramatic than mine. You can count of we two as fervent repeat customers!

That isn’t going to go very well if I look like an old crone, September 10, 2014

By Linda: I am only 35 years old, but already I am seeing tiny, little wrinkles!! Help!!! I am still single and very much looking for Mr. Right. That isn’t going to go very well if I look like an old crone! I am a teacher, so I don’t make a lot of money. I am open to spending on a high-end product, but I need to be pretty sure that it will work. I read about how Sesaflash worked. I liked that its ingredients were derived from nature, that it was made in a good lab and that they guaranteed I would like it, no matter what the reason. They would refund my money. That was the clincher! I bought the product and tried it right away. I am happy to report that the Sesaflash worked so much better than I expected! Within two weeks, the tiny expression lines disappeared! It seemed that my facial skin was just too dry, probably from the substandard stuff I had been using before I found your product. Now, I feel so confident that if I continue to use Sesaflash, I will keep the wrinkles away long enough to find my True Love. You certainly have given me some great help in that area!

Great product, September 10, 2014

By Sunny squirrel (uk): I am a woman in my 30s and I have been looking for a product that would help me reduce the appearance of wrinkles. I have a high profile position in which appearances are key and I always need to look my best. Instant Wrinkle Smoothing Serum has really helped the appearance of my skin. Within a half hour of using the product I felt my skin tightening and my wrinkles were smoothed out! Every time I use this product my wrinkles become less and less visible. I am so happy I discovered this product because it is quick and easy to use and has great results! My coworkers keep complimenting me on my youthful appearance.


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