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Renovage™ is clinically proven to boost moisture retention, reduce the appearance of sun damage and delay the skin cell’s aging process. Made by the French-based cosmetic ingredient developer Sederma, Renovage™ contains geranylgeranone in a lipophilic solvent and caprylic/ capric triglyceride. Caprylic/capric triglyceride is an esterification of coconut oil with a shelf life of 48 months when stored in a tightly sealed container away from moisture.

Renovage™ is an oil-soluble synthetic used in skin care gels and creams aimed at slowing the progression of structural and functional cell aging. Developed as an anti-aging ingredient in 2011.
In a simple blind study of 24 women, Renovage™ improved skin cell moisture by 30 to 58 percent within six months for all study participants. All panelists also showed a 42 to 56 percent reduction in UV sun spots. Three-quarters of the study participants also experienced increased skin firmness; 90% showed a reduction in pore size.
When used as per instructions, Renovage™ delays cell deterioration, or senescence, by 3.5 months, increasing skin cell life span by one-third.