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Advanced Age-Defying Face Cream

Age Defying Face Cream with Hyaluronic Acid and Peptides



Age-Defying Face Cream | Hyaluronic Acid | Peptides


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  • SAVING YOU TIME, EFFORT & MONEY our all-in-one anti-aging serum targets the visible signs of aging through its comprehensive formulation of active ingredients. A less painful and more economical solution than facial injections.
  • OUR STATE-OF-THE-ART FORMULA, USING NATURALLY DERIVED INGREDIENTS, uses advanced techniques to increase the skin’s hydration and moisture balance. Containing HYALURONIC ACID, MATRIXYL and RENOVAGE this anti-aging trio works at a cellular level.
  • CHOOSE QUICK RESULTS: Customers report results within weeks. We have used years of research and a unique combination of fast-acting ingredients to develop a formula that rivals similar alternatives. Overall skin health is improved.
  • CHOOSE HEALTH: Made in certified facilities in Canada – cruelty-free, non-toxic and paraben-free. Using naturally-derived ingredients, this is a highly absorbent serum that suits those who prefer naturally-derived and certified cosmetic products.
  • RISK FREE SHOPPING: Backed by a No-Questions-Asked Money-Back Guarantee. Buy with confidence as a gift to yourself or for someone you care about.

Important Information

Over time, skin begins to thin, weaken and lose its elasticity, firmness and smooth tone. Anaiti Advanced Age-Defying Cream re-invigorates skin, helping the body to produce skin-strengthening collagen, balance its optimum moisture levels, eliminate pigmentation, revitalize skin firmness and restore the skin’s healthy glow. The combined, advanced technology of this anti-aging cream uses Matrixyl to reduce the depth of existing wrinkles and spur collagen growth, Renovage to reduce sun spots and enlarged pores and Hyaluronic Acid to hydrate the skin. Together, these technologically and naturally derived active ingredients build an advanced cream that rivals the effectiveness of more invasive, costly injections. So potent that users experience visible improvement within 30 days, the cream’s long-term use produces a rejuvenated, brighter complexion. In fact, users found the cream’s Matrixyl to diminish wrinkle depth by as much as 68 percent and its Renovage to firm skin by 35 percent after one month of use.
Cutting-edge, breakthrough technology in skin care fuels Advanced Age-Defying Cream by Anaiti. Bringing together the power of three of the leading, high-end anti-wrinkle ingredients, the anti-aging cream addresses the toughest signs of aging. From dull, lifeless skin and deep wrinkles to skin that has lost its texture, smoothness and elasticity, the cream helps skin repair itself. Advanced Age-Defying Cream uses the potent humectant Hyaluronic Acid to soothe aging skin and help stabilize moisture. The anti-wrinkle cream also contains the highly effective peptide, Matrixyl. Penetrating the skin’s topmost layer, Matrixyl encourages skin to double its production of collagen so skin becomes firmer, more elastic and supple. The cream’s ground-breaking Renovage is equally effective, working at the cellular level to diminish skin pigmentation, pore size, redness and fine lines. Skin buoyed by Age-Defying Cream is noticeably smoother, more even, firmer and younger-looking.
Appropriate for all skin types, Advanced Age-Defying Cream is both a daily moisturizer and a soothing night cream. For daytime use, gently apply this oil-free cream after cleansing face. Make-up can be applied over the cream after it has had a few minutes to dry and absorb into the skin. If nighttime use is preferred, simply smooth a light coat of the cream onto face after a gentle cleansing.



Advanced Age-Defying Face Cream - Reduce Lines and Wrinkles, Decrease Pigmentation, Increase Firmness and Elasticity


Buy Best Advanced Age-Defying Face Cream - Great For Eyes, Even Skin Tone or as Pore Minimizer



Product Description


– Noticing new lines/wrinkles, or a loss of firmness?


A one-stop shop for addressing the inevitable signs of aging.


It’s not just an anti-wrinkle cream but the most complete single skin care product

* HYALURONIC ACID – this ‘Fountain of Youth’ is a phenomenal moisturizer, holding 1000 times its weight in water

* RENOVAGE – can lessen pigmentation by 56% after 6 months, with skin becoming 35% firmer in 30 days.

* MATRIXYL – reduces wrinkle depth by 68%.

Research shows our blend of patented ingredients can improve the look of aging skin. Our customers love Anaiti!

** Imagine a younger looking YOU **


These select ingredients have been clinically tested to yield visible results.


– Increased skin hydration
– Less pigmentation or visible wrinkles
– Smaller pores

We stand by our Advanced Age-Defying Face Cream’s quality!

IMPORTANT:Disclaimer:Results may vary. Aging skin has different causes this is why some people will not see results after using ANAITI skin care products. Testimonials and reviews are from real customers who achieved good results, however individual results can vary depending on skin condition, age, life style and other factors.


Buy Advanced Age-Defying Face Cream - Great For Eyes, Even Skin Tone or as a Pore Minimizer



Q.: I am a 42-year-old mother of two – does this skin care product really work?

A: Our advanced age-defying serum re-balances your skin’s moisture levels, battles wrinkles and improves firmness. Only the highest-quality ingredients are used in this top-notch beauty skin product. It has passed the most stringent scientific and clinical tests to create an all-in-one, anti-wrinkle product. This product works deep under the roots to deliver long-lasting results. Celebrity skin must be perfect – any flaws can mean the difference between success or failure. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed with our state-of-the-art formula. You have a money-back guarantee to ensure that you are completely happy with all the results. This skin-suitable product can help you manage your clean, healthy and beautiful skin. You will smile more when you know that your skin glows.

Q.: I am a 45-year-old divorced television anchor man. Can this skin product prevent age spots?

A: For someone in front of bright cameras, discolorations in your skin can be unsightly and career-threatening. This first-class skin product balances aging skin pigmentation allowing you to maintain your youthful look. Renovage can help with fine lines, sun spots and redness to maintain your overall skin tone. This product is very popular, so we apologize if it is temporarily not available on the store shelves. We will seek to restock them as soon as possible. You can take control of your skin care with this complete anti-spot beauty product. Look your best.

Q.: Do I need to buy anything else with this celebrity skin care product?

A: That is the beauty of this celebrity product – it is the complete solution. Many people purchase multiple skin care products, like oil, cream and anti-aging formulas. But that is no longer needed. You have the all-in-one age-defying solution here with Hyaluronic and Renovage as active ingredients. Each handles a different problem: fine lines and pore size. There is also a peptide that specifically targets collagen synthesis. When you are serious about results, choose the product favored by the rich and famous. Beautify your skin with this moisturizer, anti-spot, collage-replenishing beauty product. You don’t need to purchase 10 different beauty skin products, this is all you need. Heal your skin with the best celebrity skin care product around.


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Four Stars, December 13, 2014

By Khalid – I got this product for my wife and she is happy about it,she said that it does really work.


I love this cream, November 29, 2014

By Olga Tumanyan – (REAL NAME) – I love this cream! It has a lovely texture and it absorbs very quickly. It feels very rich, but doesn’t leave a greasy feeling and keeps my skin feeling soft.


Nice product, smooth skin, October 28, 2014

By Sarah – I like the cream. It has a fluffy texture and it feels light yet still hydrates your skin well. It seems to stay in your skin throughout the day, and keep your face creamy and soft.


I had high hopes for the cream to brighten my dull skin and take care of those 30-year-old wrinkles, September 14, 2014

By Anita – I am kissing my wrinkles goodbye with the Advanced Age-Defying Cream by Anaiti. I’ve been using the cream for about a month, and I can’t get over how it’s improved the lines around my mouth. I had high hopes for the cream to brighten my dull skin and take care of those 30-year-old wrinkles. It solved both issues within a month, and every day it just gets better. It also feels great when I glide it on my face at bedtime. On a side note, my husband says he really likes the smell of the cream, so that’s an unexpected bonus!


5 stars September 11, 2014

By Carol – This product has given me so much to look forward to! Look, being a mother of 2 at 42 years old, the evidence of my age was starting to show in the form of… wrinkles! UGH! I tried covering them up with make-up, but I ended up looking like a clown! My little 6 year old niece even asked me one day why I wear so much make-up. That little bugger! That’s when I knew I had to do something about my wrinkles. I ended up finding the Advanced Age-Defying Cream online, and I haven’t looked back since.

I’ve tried every anti-aging cream you can get from the store and none of them did even a quarter of the job that this product did. In 2 months newer wrinkles were gone and more prominent ones are only visible if I look really close. Can you say amazing!?

I sincerely thank you for turning back the clock on my age. (sorry for those who are over 42 !!!)


Reduced the wrinkles around my eyes., September 11, 2014

By JB – Love the product! I have to keep my skin in tip-top shape for my teaching career, and the wrinkles by my eyes were starting to become too much. I took the problem into my own hands and bought the Advanced Age-Defying Cream as recommended by a female co-worker of mine, and I’m happy to report that after 6 weeks, they aren’t even noticeable unless you are inches away from me. Even then they are just very faint lines, and there aren’t as many of them. I expect them to fully revert back to smooth looking skin.

Very happy with the product!


5 stars and being wrong has never made me so happy! I don’t quite remember how I stumbled upon …, September 10, 2014

By Hans – At 35 years old, I thought I was past the point of ever having young-looking skin again, and being wrong has never made me so happy! I don’t quite remember how I stumbled upon Anaiti products, but it’s been one of the best things to happen to me recently, and my friends have taken notice. A lot of them are asking me what I’ve been doing for my skin, and most of them assume I’ve been getting weekly facials. One of them even thought I got laser resurfacing and in her words I had “celebrity skin.” Hah!

I’m so excited to see what my skin looks like in 6 months or a year! It’s so exciting to see that my skin looks better than it did 5 years ago, and I absolutely love looking in the mirror now.

I’ve gained so much more confidence, and that’s why I had to stop in and say thanks!


I couldn’t be happier! I had tried everything for the large pores …, September 10, 2014

By Csaba Kis – I’ve been using the Advanced Age-Defying Cream for about 3 months now, and I couldn’t be happier! I had tried everything for the large pores on my nose and cheeks, and nothing worked. After 2 weeks I started noticing the pores getting smaller, improving my skin firmness for a tighter, more youthful look. I always compared my pores to the peel of an orange; the orange has pores all over the skin if you look close. Now they have closed up, and it has come with the added benefit of reduced oiliness in that area.


By Flying Nun – This cream seems to be doing its magic on my wrinkles! I’ve used (and still use) a couple of the other products from Anaiti and this one has lived up to my expectations. It is lovely to put on and my skin feels smoother and looks better than it has in years. I researched the active ingredients and they are well known for fighting wrinkles so I’ll continue using. I really do not want to go back to how I was looking before.


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