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Advanced Age-Defying Serum

Age-Defying Hyaluronic Acid Serum with Peptides


Age Defying Face Serum with Hyaluronic Acid and Peptides | Dermatologist Anti-Aging Skin Care Best For Wrinkles, Dark Circles, Spots, Collagen | Great For Eyes, Even Skin Tone, as Pore Minimizer| 1 oz.


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  • SAVING YOU TIME, EFFORT & MONEY our all-in-one anti-aging serum targets the visible signs of aging through its comprehensive formulation of active ingredients. A less painful and more economical solution than facial injections.
  • OUR STATE-OF-THE-ART FORMULA, USING NATURALLY DERIVED INGREDIENTS, uses advanced techniques to increase the skin’s hydration and moisture balance. Containing HYALURONIC ACID, MATRIXYL and RENOVAGE this anti-aging trio works at a cellular level.
  • CHOOSE QUICK RESULTS: Customers report results within weeks. We have used years of research and a unique combination of fast-acting ingredients to develop a formula that rivals similar alternatives. Overall skin health is improved.
  • CHOOSE HEALTH: Made in certified facilities in Canada – cruelty-free, non-toxic and paraben-free. Using naturally-derived ingredients, this is a highly absorbent serum that suits those who prefer naturally-derived and certified cosmetic products.
  • RISK FREE SHOPPING: Backed by a No-Questions-Asked Money-Back Guarantee. Buy with confidence as a gift to yourself or for someone you care about.

Important Information

Enlarged pores, inflamed skin, hyper-pigmentation and wrinkles are just a few by-products of aging and harsh environmental exposure. As we age, the skin’s natural ability to counteract these conditions dwindles, leaving skin dull, discolored, wrinkled, sagging and rough. Anaiti’s innovative Advanced Age-Defying Serum supplies skin the tools it needs to combat the effects of aging and damage, helping the body’s own resources to revitalize skin and give it a brighter, more supple complexion. At work in this one-of-a-kind serum are powerful ingredients Matrixyl, Renovage and Hyaluronic Acid. On its own, Matrixyl nearly doubles the skin’s collage generation and decrease wrinkle depth by as much as 68 percent. Together with hydrating Hyaluronic Acid and texture- and tone-improving Renovage, the ingredients create a dramatically effective serum that rivals invasive injections and other advanced skin care products. Skin soothed and re-invigorated with Advanced Age-Defying Serum by Anaiti becomes firmer, more vibrant and less wrinkled for a younger, fresher appearance.
Anaiti is devoted to producing high quality skin care products using the most effective, high-end ingredients and capitalizing on the latest skin care research and technology. This state-of-the-art Advanced Age-Defying Serum harnesses the strength of three top anti-aging ingredients: Hyaluronic Acid, Matrixyl and Renovage. Powerhouse ingredient and humectant Hyaluronic Acid occurs naturally in the body. But, Hyaluronic Acid dwindles in aging skin, so supplying it through this advanced serum helps skin restore its moisture balance to stay plump and firm. Powerful Matrixyl, a peptide proven to stimulate the body’s own collagen production, is used in this cream to encourage reduction in wrinkles and improve skin firmness and elasticity. These ingredients are joined by Renovage, the deep-working ingredient responsible for reducing fine lines, redness, sun spots, pigmentation and enlarged pores and improving moisture and overall skin tissue quality. Anaiti’s Advanced Age-Defying Serum is light but potent, providing an in-home alternative to facial injections like Botox.
Advanced Age-Defying Serum by Anaiti is effective as a daily moisturizer or as a highly effective nighttime serum to combat aging and pigmentation. For daytime use, apply after cleansing and allow to dry before applying make-up. For bedtime use, apply lightly after removing make-up and cleansing. The serum is intended for daily topical use, and is safe, oil-free, non-toxic, light, notably absorbent and derived from natural sources.



Advanced Age-Defying Serum - Reduce Lines and Wrinkles, Decrease Pigmentation and Increase Firmness and Elasticity. For Oily, Dry or Combination Skin


Buy Advanced Age-Defying Serum - Reduce Lines and Wrinkles, Decrease Pigmentation and Increase Firmness and Elasticity. For Oily, Dry or Combination Skin


Product Description

– Noticing new wrinkles, or a loss of skin firmness?


A one-stop shop for addressing signs of aging.


It’s not just an anti-wrinkle cream but the most complete single skin care product.

* HYALURONIC ACID – this ‘Fountain of Youth’ is a phenomenal moisturizer, holding 1000 times its weight in water.

* RENOVAGE – can lessen pigmentation by 56% after 6 months, with skin becoming 35% firmer in 30 days.

* MATRIXYL – reduces wrinkle depth by 68%.

Research shows our blend of patented ingredients can improve the appearance of aging skin. Our customers love Anaiti!

** Imagine a younger looking YOU **


These superior ingredients have been clinically tested to yield visible results.


– Increased skin hydration
– Less pigmentation or wrinkles
– Decreased pore size

We stand by our Advanced Age-Defying Serum’s quality.

IMPORTANT:Disclaimer:Results may vary. Aging skin has different causes this is why some people will not see results after using ANAITI skin care products. Testimonials and reviews are from real customers who achieved good results, however individual results can vary depending on skin condition, age, life style and other factors.


Buy Advanced Age-Defying Serum - Dermatologist Anti-Aging Skin Care Best For Wrinkles, Dark Circles, Age Spots and Collagen



Q.:I am a 42-year-old mother of two – does this skin care product really work?

A: Our advanced age-defying serum re-balances your skin’s moisture levels, battles wrinkles and improves firmness. Only the highest-quality ingredients are used in this top-notch beauty skin product. It has passed the most stringent scientific and clinical tests to create an all-in-one, anti-wrinkle product. This product works deep under the roots to deliver long-lasting results. Celebrity skin must be perfect – any flaws can mean the difference between success or failure. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed with our state-of-the-art formula. You have a money-back guarantee to ensure that you are completely happy with all the results. This skin-suitable product can help you manage your clean, healthy and beautiful skin. You will smile more when you know that your skin glows.

A: For someone in front of bright cameras, discolorations in your skin can be unsightly and career-threatening. This first-class skin product balances aging skin pigmentation allowing you to maintain your youthful look. Renovage can help with fine lines, sun spots and redness to maintain your overall skin tone. This product is very popular, so we apologize if it is temporarily not available on the store shelves. We will seek to restock them as soon as possible. You can take control of your skin care with this complete anti-spot beauty product. Look your best.

A: That is the beauty of this celebrity product – it is the complete solution. Many people purchase multiple skin care products, like oil, cream and anti-aging formulas. But that is no longer needed. You have the all-in-one age-defying solution here with Hyaluronic and Renovage as active ingredients. Each handles a different problem: fine lines and pore size. There is also a peptide that specifically targets collagen synthesis. When you are serious about results, choose the product favored by the rich and famous. Beautify your skin with this moisturizer, anti-spot, collage-replenishing beauty product. You don’t need to purchase 10 different beauty skin products, this is all you need. Heal your skin with the best celebrity skin care product around.

Buy Advanced Age-Defying Serum - Skinceuticals For Celebrity Skin. Hyaluronic Acid + Matrixyl + Renovage. Cosmetic Alternative to Botox. Anti-Aging and Anti-Wrinkles. Balances Dull, Dry, Oily or Irritated Skin. Increases Firmness and Elasticity. Decreases Pore Size


This Serum by Anaiti Even Works for Us More Mature Ladies!, October 25, 2014

By Amazon Customer “Phyllis Lea Stewart” (Baton Rouge, LA) – I wondered if I am now too old – 66 – for any beauty product to help my skin very much. After trying the Advanced Age-Defying Serum by Anaiti, however, I am now convinced that it is never too late; providing you have the right product, that is. I just applied it twice a day after cleansing my face. The acids in the formula really made a difference on my skin. Every day, my skin becomes softer and continues to look more clear.

I also have been using the sister product, the Advanced Moisturizing Cream. Working together, they are giving me fabulous results. I am going to buy the eye cream next which will help my eyelid puffiness – I hope!

If you have dry, older skin or your have a skin condition, you can’t do better than the Anaiti products. One more advantage – you only need to use a tiny dab twice a day, so you really can save a lot of money. There is no need to waste money. OK, one more thing. It smells nice, but the odor goes away quickly, so there is no lingering odor.

Do yourself a favor and give these products a try. After you use one entire jar or bottle, you will be convinced, as well as happy about how much you use to get the results you need.


Love this product, September 11, 2014

By Christopher E. Kujawa – I used this product when it first came out, and I have loved it ever since. I’ve tried many different brands and the Anaiti goes on and doesn’t leave your skin feeling either greasy or “caked” My friend suggest me to buy this product and I got expected result. Well worth the money.


I really love the texture, September 11, 2014

By Csaba Kis – I really love the texture, smell and non-greasy feel of this serum. I’m only young, and sort of fell into using my mom’s Advanced Age-Defying Serum when I was visiting over the holidays. I do have the beginnings of crow’s feet at the corners of my eyes and already, my skin was getting kind of rough and unevenly toned. After buying my own serum and using it for a few months, I’m in love. My skin is so much smoother, and people keep asking me if I’ve changed my hair. I guess they’re noticing that something is different about me, but they can’t quite pinpoint what that difference is. I’m recommending this serum to everyone I know. Please, please, please don’t ever stop making this serum; it’s the absolute best!


Very happy with the results!, September 11, 2014

By JB – I use this serum in the morning and at night I use Advanced Age-Defying Cream to double the action. Very happy with the results and will keep using it. Thank you Anaiti!


Buy Advanced Age-Defying Serum - Skinceuticals For Celebrity Skin. Great For Eyes, Even Skin Tone, or As a Pore Minimizer